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Brand Performance Tracker
Get smart on any brand in just 5 minutes.
Chart’s consumer transaction data spans the entire U.S. and all major card providers, including online sales, to give insight into how brands are performing over time and by geography
Uncover meaningful patterns in brands that tend to locate together, and leverage Chart’s consumer transaction data to determine which customers tend to cross-shop between brands
Quickly see how brands are expanding or contracting their brick-and-mortar footprint over time
Compare up to 3 brands across all the above metrics
Bulk export data for up to 10 brands in a single file
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Brand Sales Tracker
Track the path and pace of brand sales performance.
For up to 3 brands...
Discover weekly consumer credit and debit transactions going back 36 months
Filter transaction data by geography for each brand, down to the DMA level
Analyze trends for total sales, online sales, in-store sales, purchase frequency, and basket size
Compare relative size of total sales, purchase frequency, and basket size across each brand
Track the path and pace of performance to understand which brands are best positioned for success
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Emerging Brand Finder
Discover your next superstar tenant.
Discover lesser-known brands that are expanding their brick-and-mortar footprint
Search for emerging brands by category, geography and total number of locations
Leverage Chart’s consumer transaction data to discover year-over-year sales trends for each emerging brand
Learn about each brand quickly with links to their website and social media
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Location Sales Estimator (Coming Soon)
Best-in-industry sales estimates for individual stores.
Uncover best-in-industry sales estimates for thousands of individual retail locations to monitor performance of brands in and around your portfolio
Identify exceptional and underperforming tenants compared to regional and nationwide performance
Get sales data on competitive stores and even your own tenants that may not be reporting sales
Gain the upper hand in leasing, renewal, and rent relief negotiations
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Space Use Optimizer (Coming Soon)
Match the right tenant with the right space.
Discover a list of tenants ranked by their fit in your space
Uncover patterns in how brands tend to locate near one another
Understand consumer cross-shopping behavior between brands
Ensure your physical space meets the needs of the potential tenants you’re evaluating
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COVID-19 Data
In order to enable our customers and others in the industry to better understand and address the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, this data is available in the Brand Sales Tracker.
Chart Platform
Pricing for the Chart platform is custom. To learn more about how your organization can get access to the Chart platform, contact the Chart team through the links below.